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Chery Joins New-Energy Carmakers in China
With supportive policies from the government, new energy cars are starting to proliferate in China's car market. Chery's first electric car, the S18, is ready for production and is to be launched on the market at the end of this year. This is China's second domestic brand new energy car after BYD's F3DM. And Dongfeng and Besturn, brands under China's FAW Group Corporation, will launch their own hybrid cars later this year.
February 24th,2009
P&G's Dominance Being Challenged by Local Brands
Advertisements for Proctor & Gambles's (P&G) daily-use products have vanished from Shanghai television broadcasts since February, as its dominance in the Chinese market is being challenged. In the economic downturn, Chinese consumers are turning to good quality and cheaper domestic products with cheaper prices.
February 24th,2009
Steel Industry Hits "Unprecedented" Difficulties-High Costs and Surplus Capacity
Exorbitant cost jumps for fuel and the rapid decline in demand for steel at home and abroad resulted in huge losses for China's iron and steel firms in the last quarter in 2008. There is little hope the steel industry will be able to shake its sluggishness this year.
February 20th,2009
Huawei and China Mobile Have Impact at World Mobile Congress
At the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, China's Huawei is showcasing a smart cell phone using the Google Android operating system. Similar to iPhone with a large-size touch screen, it is scheduled to hit the market in the third quarter this year. Other manufactures are all introducing their new models at the Mediterranean city.
February 18th,2009
Norinco Comes to Georgia to Increase US Trade
Norinco, the multi-billion dollar Chinese State Firm, which suffered trade sanctions under the Carter and Bush Administrations, has come to the home of Martin Luther King in order to patch up its problems with the US.
February 16th,2009
Apple iPhone's Hard China Choice: Mobile, or Unicom?
Before its entry into the Chinese telecoms market, Apple is going to have to come to a hard decision for its iPhone: Which of China's telecoms operators is it going to partner up with? China Mobile? Or China Unicom?
February 12nd,2009
China #1 in Auto Sales, but It's Not Sustainable
China's auto sales overtook America's to be the world's largest in January, a signal that the economy is still rolling along, but it is doubtful such sales levels can be maintained for long.
February 9th,2009
China's Telecom's " Cell Phones to Countryside" Campaign
China's rural areas are proving fertile ground for China Mobile as half of the company's new users every year are springing up from rural markets. Both China Telecom and China Unicom are also looking to the nation's vast countryside for growth opportunities in highly competitive telecoms market.
February 9th,2009
Intel Closes Its Plant but Strengthens R&D in Shanghai
Intel is going to cease the operation of its factory in Pudong, Shanghai and transfer the production capacity to Chengdu or Dalian. Over 2000 employees may be moved to new positions. But Intel claimed that Shanghai office's role in R&D and investment would be reinforced.
February 8th,2009
Lenovo's Rout: Rethinking the "Going Out" Strategy
From ambitious overseas acquisitions and enterprising recruitment of overseas managers, Lenovo, one of China's benchmark enterprises, is hanging a U-ey on the way of globalization. The contract of CEO William Amelio, formerly a senior executive at Dell, has been allowed to expire and he'll be replaced by present Chairman Yang Yuanqing in the position Yang left in 2001. The company's founder Liu Chuanzhi will again become Lenovo non-executive chairman. The restoration of the Liu/Yang team symbolizes Chinese enterprises' retreat from an aggressive mode of international progress.
February 7th,2009
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