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World of Warcraft, Mega On-line Game, Goes to Netease
The9 City CEO Chen Xiaowei admitted in an email to her staff that losing the dealership for World of Warcraft means the company will lose most of its present income.
April 20th,2009
Walmart's Job Optimization Program Triggers Legal Dispute in China
Though Walmart claimed that the program aimed to relocate some mid-management staff to similar posts in new stores, angry staff labeled the program as a de facto layoff plan which the terms were tricky and unfair.
April 20th,2009
Can Mercedes -Benz Out Smart Chinese Drivers?
Smart bets on an increasing number of consumers will be willing to pay for energy-saving and environmental protection. But for Chinese consumers, this environmental protection is very luxurious.
April 15th,2009
Defying the Worst, GM China Plans Doubling Sales
Even if the worst were to occur, GM's China joint ventures would still be able to get technical and product support from GM headquarters.
April 15th,2009
"Last Red Capitalist" Larry Yung Out at Citic Pacific
Dubbed a "purple chip" company, a unique combination of blue chip and red chip, by Hong Kong investors, the company has long enjoyed support from the state-owned Citic Group.
April 9th,2009
Foreign Strategic Investors Losing Welcome from SOEs
The government's strategy of taking advantage of foreign strategic investors to help promote reforms of SOEs, especially large state-owned commercial banks, is changing. Recently, China Telecom announced that it would postpone the introduction of strategic investors and refinance its debt instead. Just a week ago, the Agricultural Bank of China (ABC), the last of the big four state-owned banks to finish the share reform, stated again that it was not in negotiation with any potential overseas strategic investors.
March 29th,2009
China Mobile 2008 Performance Down, Particularly in the Fourth Quarter
The 2008 performance of China Mobile, China's largest mobile telecoms operator, has disappointed the market, as the company, with 457 million users, is suffering from the economic crisis.
March 20th,2009
Sohu to Float Its Online Game Business
Sohu has revealed that yesterday it submitted the first draft of an IPO prospectus for Float, its game business subsidiary, to the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The sudden move has caught almost everybody by surprise.Float's listing will make Sohu the only Chinese company on the US stock market with two listed sectors at the same time.
March 19th,2009
CNOOC Announces Profits, New Investment
According to analysts, the P/E ratios of Chinese oil companies have dropped to reasonable levels. With oil prices around $40 per barrel, the dynamic P/E ratios of PetroChina, Sinopec, and CNOOC stand at 6.3, 8.9, and 14.4, respectively, quite reasonable according to historical P/E and their expected future growth.
March 16th,2009
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