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Huaqi Bags Manchester United: Chinese Companies Eager to Sponsor Sports Icons
Chinese companies are finding that sponsoring national and international sports meets and linking their names with those of renowned teams is a powerful way to promote their brands, both on the domestic and international levels. Now one of them has hooked up with a true monster.
June 25th,2009
Debt-Trapped China Eastern Airline Spends Lavishly on 20 Airbus 320s
CEA said the plane purchasing plan would increase its liability to liability ratio for a short time, but would not affect its daily cash flow or operations.
June 18th,2009
China Sees More Hope in New GM
After the launch of Buick Regal and Chevrolet Cruze, in the coming months Shanghai GM will launch several new car types including cars developed by its research center in China.
June 3rd,2009
Multinational "Iron Roosters" and Earthquake Donation Management Transparency
As virtually all the funds donated will finally flow into civil affair departments of governments of all levels, this would be a great challenge to the supervision of the funds.
May 11st,2009
CCTV Turns Negative Reporting into Cash from Baidu
Entrepreneurs usually need to pay for appearances on such programs, so it figured that a substantial amount of cash changed hands between Baidu and CCTV.
May 5th,2009
HP' Harvest Plan to Drive Deep into China' Countryside
"China will continue to guarantee HP's No. 1 status in the world, and HP will continue to increase its investment in China," said Todd Bradley.
May 4th,2009
Swine Flu Threatens Aviation Industry Recent Upturn
Air China has accordingly increased their number of flights for domestic routes and begun cutting flights for international routes.
May 2nd,2009
China Eastern Scores with Direct Flights Across the Taiwan Strait
China Eastern's cross strait flights average between 80% and 90% of capacity. The company will arrange more flights as it is allowed to run cross strait flights from new airports.
April 27th,2009
GM: Buick Not for Sale; Company Is Strong on China
In GM's restructuring plan, China assets are packed into a "good company" for continued operation, and the whole Asia Pacific is considered a key area to maintain the company's profit.
April 25th,2009
World Auto Giants Go Shanghai
China is the only country in the world to maintain growth in its auto market, and has become a Noah's Ark for global auto makers. Those who can board the ark will be more likely to survive the crisis.
April 21st,2009
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