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Chinese Unknowns Display in Detroit
Five Chinese automakers not regarded as major manufacturers and not prominent representatives of China's auto industry are displaying their own automobiles at the annual Detroit Auto Show. They may be an emerging force, but whether they will grow strong is yet to be seen.
cars made in China January 20th,2008
Chinese Companies "Go Global":3 Dos and 3 Don'ts for Chinese CEOs
Today, China's economy is taking the world by storm. Her companies are stronger than they have ever been within China and they are hunting for growth opportunities. For many companies, this will mean looking abroad and "Going Global." In this is a new era for China and her companies, there will be successes, and failures. So what are some things a Chinese CEO should think about as he creates a global strategy and makes his company into one of the lucky and successful?
January 8th,2008
Two State-owned Giants Posturing to Take a Lion's Share
After 10 years preparation and a total investment of 220 billion yuan, the time has finally arrived to begin construction on the Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway (BSHR). It is also now getting clearer as to who will take a lion's share of this project's pie and it definitely won't be anyone from overseas.
Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway Construction January 4th,2008
Media Listings Wave Afoot
The government is now counting on the buoyant stock market to build up the country's 'soft power' and thereby strengthen its own voice and expand its cultural influence.
mouthpiece and capital December 7th,2007
Will Little Servers Bring Down the Giant?
It looks as if Giant Interactive, the latest contender in China's online games industry, is being held hostage by illegal online game servers.
online game December 3rd,2007
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