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Different Accounting Standards Trigger Debate On PetroChina's Valuation
There's some debate these days about net income and earnings per share for PetroChina due to differences between international and domestic accounting standards. Under one standard net income was seen to go up, while under the other it went down. Investors are not very excited about either of them.
March 21st,2008
Focus Media Slammed for Spamming
Focus Media Wireless, the mobile handset advertising subsidiary of Focus Media, China's largest advertising company, has found itself in a lot of trouble. China Mobile, China's largest mobile telecom operator, has blocked the company's messages from all its ports, and the further development of the subsidiary's business is in limbo.
March 20th,2008
China's Telecom Restructuring Enters Countdown
China's telecom industry will probably begin its third wave of restructuring during the first half of this year.
March 8th,2008
China Looking Towards Third Generation Nuclear Power "made in China"
Power shortages and the pressures of energy saving and pollution reduction are forcing China to accelerate the development of nuclear power. The government plans to finish the construction of a next-generation large-scale nuclear power plant by 2017.
March 7th,2008
Politicians May Have to Resolve Danone-Wahaha Brouhaha
The ongoing Danone-Wahaha dustup over equity may eventually have to be resolved by politically led peace talks. But it's having an effect on China's policies on investment from overseas.
March 5th,2008
China's Industrial South Faces Its Worst Power Crunch in Decades
The Pearl River Delta, a center of "made in China," is in the midst of a severe power shortage. In some areas factories can only run four days a week. The Guangdong Provincial government has declared that the province is undergoing the most serious power supply crunch since 1978, when China started the reform and opening-up policy.
March 1st,2008
Huawei and ZTE's Transparency Pitfall in China's Global High-Tech Expansion
Huawei and ZTE, China's biggest telecommunications equipments providers are being hindered by a typical Chinese obstacle in their overseas expansions. For the two private companies, the key point is to increase transparency.
February 26th,2008
Telecom Monopolists to Re-cut Pie in China
There have been many rumors about the third round of reorganization of China's telecom industry. By trying to break up China Mobile's virtual monopoly on the mobile market, this reform may produce more oligarchies.
February 21st,2008
Resources: China Prices in the Making
As distinct from China's traditional effect on the global energy and resource markets, this time China is affecting the market through the production and supply side, whereas China used to be discussed in terms of its huge demand and consumption side regarding products like oil, iron ore or copper.
February 3rd,2008
Chinese Steel Squeezed by Importers and Iron Ore Suppliers
China is controlling its steel exports to cope with anti-dumping investigations and threats from the European Union, Canada and the United States. Some analysts believe that China's steel exports may decline this year, as there is a growing need for this, and now China is facing an inflation threat from iron ore monopolists.
February 1st,2008
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