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Wahaha vs. Danone: A Failed Economic Nationalist and a Lame French Predator
The investigation into Wahaha Chairman's, Zong Qinghou, 300 million Yuan tax evasion has affected the ongoing talks to resolve the equity dispute between Wahaha and Danone. The negotiations have now come to a stalemate and both parties are now more willing than ever to simply end their relationship.
April 23rd,2008
Chery Joints up with Chrysler, and Fiat Is in the Wings
Chery, China's largest auto exporter, is apparently going from strength to strength. US car company Chrysler, on its own again after having separated from Daimler Chrysler, has started negotiations with the Chinese company, hoping to establish a joint venture and thus transform the contract manufacturing relationship the two now share into equity cooperation. Chery and Chrysler intend to cooperate on small vehicle production.
April 17th,2008
Paris Torch Relay Disruption Prompts Carrefour Boycott Call in China
An attack Monday against the Olympic torch relay in Paris has got the Chinese people very riled, and a boycott call is going out across the country through online forums and chatting and cell phone messaging, urging Chinese shoppers to refuse to patronize French-owned Carrefour chain stores during the coming May holiday.
April 15th,2008
Foreign Investors' Gold Rush in China Restricted
The rising price of gold has been the root of a renewed interest for gold exploitation. Since 2003, hundreds of small overseas mining companies and numerous individual prospectors have come to China joining its prospecting industry.
April 11st,2008
Shanda's Tang Steps Down After Exciting Ride
Shanda Interactive Entertainment, China's leading operator in the booming online games industry, has survived its hardest but most exciting times, and the man who steered the course is stepping down. Tang Jun, the former CEO of Microsoft China, who has been Shanda's president for the last four years, will be replaced by Tan Qunzhao, a founder of the company.
April 10th,2008
GE's Big Chinese Bulb Venture Challenged by US Labor Rights Group
An American labor rights organization has charged that labor problems exist in this joint venture, and suggested that GE should move its bulb production back to the United States.
April 9th,2008
Pilot Problems Bode Ill for China's Airlines
A shortage of pilots is seriously hampering China's ever expanding aviation industry, and recent labor action by pilots for several of China's airlines is causing worries about security and stability in the aviation industry in the run-up to the Olympics in August.
April 6th,2008
China and US to Benefit from "Open Skies"
"Open Skies" agreements gives both countries unrestricted landing rights and makes obsolete the granting a fixed number of flights per week to a fixed destination. There are "Open Skies" agreement between the U.S. and the European Union, but China has no such agreement with the US.
April 2nd,2008
3G Racing to Get Up to Speed before Olympics
China Mobile plans to begin public commercial testing of its new 3G network on April 1 this year, only 4 months away from the looming Beijing Olympics, and is now in final preparation. China Mobile deputy manager Gao Songhe said that though the date is April Fools' Day, it is definitely not a laughing matter.
March 30th,2008
Chinese Steel Giants Foray into India
With its expanding industrial base and already huge and steadily growing demand, India in recent years is becoming a magnet for the world's industrial heavies. It has lately been attracting the steel giants, like POSCO, Korea's largest steel maker, to compete with international ArcelorMittal, the world's largest, in meeting that demand. China's steel makers are also getting into the game.
March 27th,2008
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