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US Opens to Chinese Tourists, but Limitations Still Exist
Although the US is expected to welcome the first Chinese visitors issued tourist visas before the forth China-US Strategic Economic Dialogue (SED) next month, problems still remain, as it is not easy for Chinese citizens to get access to these visas. Presently, only residents of some of the richer areas can obtain these visas, and those issued the visas will have to travel with tour groups.
May 16th,2008
China's Passenger Plane Project Set for Takeoff
The Chinese government is deploying the whole nation's resources to develop the country's first large passenger plane. Such efforts have in the past lead to the development of China's first satellite, its first atomic bomb, and its first spacecraft.
May 14th,2008
China's Delayed 3G a Headache for TD R&D Firms
COMMIT Incorporated, a Chinese mobile chips manufacturer invested in by a group of both domestic and foreign telecoms companies, is on the verge of going bankrupt due to disrupted capital flow. This reflects the problems China's long delayed 3G network is causing for China's telecoms R&D companies.
May 4th,2008
Whirlpool Teaming Up with Hisense as It Challenges Haier in China
The ongoing contest between Chinese appliances giant, Haier, and its US counterpart, Whirlpool, has taken a new turn with the latter taking steps to accelerate its alliance building with Chinese local producers and sellers as both company's battle for the world's top spot in the worldwide appliances market.
May 1st,2008
Sohu to Beat Sina, and Zhang Eying Tencent and Alibaba
With its diversification strategy, Sohu, one of China's major portal website, is set to overtake Sina as China's largest internet portal.
April 29th,2008
No "ArcelorMittal" In China's Near Future
There is no doubt about it, China is the world's preeminent steel producing country. In 2007, its 489 million tons was 31% of the total world production. Japan, the next largest producer, made less than a quarter of that amount, a mere 120.2 million tons. In fact, China out-produced the next seven largest steelmakers, Japan, the US, Russia, India, South Korea, Germany and the Ukraine, combined.
April 28th,2008
Projected Google-Kingsoft Pact a Threat to Baidu's China Dominance
Word is out that China's search engine industry is in for a bit of an upheaval. Insiders say that internet giant Google has secretly reached a cooperation agreement with Kingsoft Corporation that may well affect the balance of the industry.
April 26th,2008
China Seeks Edge in Iron Ore Negotiations
Though negotiations between Baosteel, on behalf of Chinese steel makers, and Australian iron ore suppliers BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto are stalemated, Chinese market analysts predict that prices have reached a periodic peak. An iron ore trading decline and the caution of Chinese steel markers expecting a price drop later in the year may provide leverage for Baosteel during the negotiations.
April 25th,2008
GM and Renault-Nissan Debate Energy Efficiency Cars in Beijing
Of course, the automobile giants aren't about to give up the gasoline and diesel engines, their diverging opinions are simply a sign of the fierce competition that presently rages to develop the technology. Those who support electric vehicles believe that the different supervisory bodies will not be satisfied with the carbon dioxide emissions of the hybrid vehicles, yet people who support the mixed power vehicles stress the fact that the technology behind hybrid cars is the only one that has been put into mass production and made profits.
April 24th,2008
Chery Pushes Its Global Expansion
Four years after the launch of its assembled vehicle export business in Malaysia, Chinese automaker Chery has recently signed a contract with Alado, a Malaysia-based company, on the establishment of a joint venture to produce Chery cars. Chery also plans to expand into as many as 15 new overseas markets this year, and increase its overseas car sales by 50% over last year to 180,000 units.
April 24th,2008
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