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Cell Phone Users Top 600 Million for Brisk Profit Growth
Despite a slowing economy, China's telecoms business is growing at a brisk pace. China already has over 600 million cell phone users and an increasing number of Internet users giving up their dial-up connections for broadband.
September 2nd,2008
BYD's Cheap Green Cars Knocking on Developed Market Doors
At a time when Western international car makers are exploring opportunities in emerging markets, a start-up China auto company, BYD Auto, is adopting a similar strategy to explore overseas markets as domestic demand is softening due to a slow-down in the home economy.
September 1st,2008
COSCO's Growth Rides on Emerging Markets
China Cosco Holdings, the world's largest bulk shipping company, reaped more than doubled profit in the first half by capturing the strong growth in the overseas emerging markets and tapping into China's increasing domestic demand. Its subsidiary COSCO Pacific Ltd., the group's arm of container terminal operator, is stepping up overseas expansion, to better support its parent company's global operation.
August 28th,2008
Why Can't Chinese Cars Compete Internationally?
Since the beginning of 2008, with raw material costs and oil prices rising constantly and "made in China" moving into cooler weather, the Chinese car market has caught a cold and domestic brands are the biggest sneezers.
August 25th,2008
Tencent Most Profitable and Ubiquitous Among the Net Generation
Of China's dot com companies, which of the majors will become China's Google is a hot question these days. Many web watchers say Baidu or Sohu, but a number of others point to Tencent as the more likely prospect. Tencent is China's most profitable listed dot com company and seems to be running away from its competition.
August 15th,2008
China's Small Car Tax Incentives to Have Limited Effect
"Support low-emission vehicles and restrain high-emission vehicles" is apparently the goal of the latest automobile sales tax adjustment. Its real influence on the car market, however, remains to be seen.
August 15th,2008
International Capital Taps into China's Agricultural Sector
When God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window. While the WTO Doha trade round collapsed amid the row between the United States, China, and India over freer trade of farm products, investors from developed economies have entered the market from the back-door. Goldman Sachs recently invested US$300 million to acquired full control of more than 10 poultry farms in China. Previously, the company has acquired stakes in two top meat products manufacturers in China.
August 6th,2008
Charles Zhang and Sohu Enjoy their Warm Spring
Zhang Chaoyang is not in favor of Ma Yun's (Jack Ma, founder and CEO of Alibaba) winter theory. "We are in a warm spring, and have not prepared for winter."
July 30th,2008
China Auto Industry's 10-Million Curse
Encouraged by annual increases of 1 million sales, people have looked forward to the 10 million benchmark, realizable if sales increased by 15% in 2008. That wouldn't be too hard, would it, as average annual sales growth 2005 to 2007 stood at about 25%. It was planned to dedicate the 10 million sales volume to the 30th anniversary of China's reform and opening-up.
July 29th,2008
A Chill in the Economic Air Has Big Chinese Firms Preparing for "Winter"
China's economic growth has surprised by running at over 10% for the first half year, but leading firms are worried that growth at that rate cannot be sustained and are taking practical action to control business costs. The next six to twelve months will see the economy's stiffest test period in some time.
July 27th,2008
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