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China Releases 1.52 Million Ton Cotton Reserve
Though the move was aimed to meet the demands of textile markets and to stabilize prices of the cotton market, the auction during the first two days was lukewarm as many textile makers considered the price too high to sustain profitability.
May 25th,2009
Commodity Price Rebound Puts Chinalco-Rio Deal in Doubt
If Rio's share price continues to climb, it will dilute the premium advantage of Chinalco's convertible bonds. If the premium is diluted much further, more Rio Tinto shareholders may turn against the plan.
May 19th,2009
Chinese Dealers Hoard Iron Ore and Bet on Price Rebound
China imported 57 million tons of ore in April alone, and annual imports will reach around 700 million tons if that monthly amount remains unchanged, accounting for over 80% of the world's annual iron ore production.
May 15th,2009
Copper Rocks in China under Infrastructure Stimulus
These days China's main copper consumers are in four industries-- electrical power, home appliances, construction, and automobiles. The power industry is the largest consumer among them, consuming over 50% of the total.
May 14th,2009
Swine Flu Strikes Hard at China's Commodities Markets
Soybean meal, a feed for animals, took the first hit.
May 4th,2009
China May Expect Iron Ore Prices to Drop 40%
Although iron ore demand in other countries is slumping, in China demand is apparently increasing. In the first quarter of this year, China imported 131 million tons, up 18.8%, year on year. In March alone China imported 52.08 million tons, 46.2% over the same month last year and a record high.
April 17th,2009
Air China, CEA, and China Southern Airlines Out of Woods in Q1
Demand for domestic air transport grew very quickly within the first quarter, driven by economic activity, low fuel cost, and lowered fares.
April 14th,2009
Chinalco Defies Rio's Plan B, and China Steel Makers Resist 20% Iron Ore Price Drop
Showing no interest in the report about Rio Tinto's alternative plan of offering an additional $8 billion, Chinalco continues to prepare for its capital injection into Rio Tinto. It is reported that Chinalco had suggested its willingness to compromise on the basis of the original scheme; a Chinalco insider emphasized the company had never made any adjustment to the capital injection plan.
Chinalco,Rio Tinto,iron ore negotiation April 9th,2009
Canada Also Is the Frontier of China's "Foreign Exchange to Resources"
Besides constantly acquiring in Australia, Chinese state-owned enterprises (SOEs) are also eyeing Canada's rich oil sand and iron ore resources.
April 8th,2009
Metals Rebound for Now as China Demand in the Play
"China demand" has become a rallying cry for strong support of recent international metal prices, but the market worries how long such demand will last. Due to the weak demand and high inventory in other parts of the world, the influence of China demand is certain to be limited.
March 25th,2009
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