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Why Aluminum's High Price Maintains at High Stock Levels
Analysts believe that the aluminum market is largely balanced in the second half of this year as global demand has improved, with OECD destocking largely completed and Chinese demand recovering from very low levels. However production restarts are rising faster than Chinese demand so there is still a risk of surplus.
aluminum,commodities July 12nd,2009
A Looming Panic for Iron Ore by China's Steelmakers
In what can only be seen as a tragedy for China's steel producers, the China Iron & Steel Association's (CISA) comedy of errors culminated on June 30 with the passing of the traditional June 30 deadline for reaching agreement on iron ore benchmark pricing. In the absence of a deal, Chinese steelmakers must now look to the volatile spot market for their supplies.
iron ore negotiation,CISA,china's stell July 8th,2009
Shanxi's Defection Highlights CISA's Ineffectiveness
With less than two weeks to go before the end of long-term contract negotiations, China's steel producers have begun seeking individual deals with the Australian and Brazilian mines.
June 23rd,2009
China's Destocking Will Put Pressure on Copper Futures Markets
China's copper import binge is finally causing problems.
June 23rd,2009
China Steelmakers Resisting BHP/Rio Dominance, Reaching Out to Diversify Ore Sources
With the emergence of the "European price," Chinese steel markers are now completely isolated in the annual iron ore negotiation. Meanwhile Chinese steel makers are threatening to cut imports from Australian miners BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto and diversify their sources of iron ore supply.
June 23rd,2009
Chinese Iron Ore Negotiators Frustrated by Domestic Speculators and Rio-BHP Deal
Despite weak demand in the domestic steel market and a fall in production capacity among China's steel mills, China's iron ore imports have grown to new heights since February.
June 12nd,2009
China Steel Makers Caught in "Conspiracy" of Australian Iron Ore Miners
Chinese negotiators acknowledge that their refusal of the Japanese "starting price" will bring pressure on Chinese steelmakers, but believe that the ore sellers will be impacted even more.
June 5th,2009
The Failure of Iron Ore "China Price:" Doomed by the Scattered Steel Industry
To achieve the desired results, all of the iron ore importers should be united to control the order in the spot market, which is not only an expedient measure to get the "Chinese price," but also a long-term issue that must be addressed for China's passive position of importing raw materials.
June 3rd,2009
Iron Ore Miners Seize on Signs of China's Economic Recovery
The constantly released signals of economic rebound in China are doing no good to CISA's negotiating stance.
May 27th,2009
China's Steelmakers: Rio-Nippon Ore Price Deal Not Acceptable
Unfortunately for Rio, even a price cut of this size will not be enough to satisfy Chinese steel markers, with an annual production of about three times the Japanese.
May 27th,2009
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