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European Billet & Rebar Markets Scrutinised
The Steel Index (TSI) has begun weekly publication of the 'spread' between its transaction-based rebar prices for Northern and Southern Europe and the London Metal Exchange's (LME) Mediterranean billet cash settlement prices.
News Release August 12nd,2009
What the Rio Spy Case Means to Us
China must re-arrange the construction of its rules for national secrecy, revise or newly issue laws and regulations governing the administration of overseas companies, and reinforce sanctions against spying.
August 11st,2009
China Casts Resource-Hungry Eye on Nickel Mines
Jinchuan Mining revealed plans to take a 51% interest in Zambia's Munali mine, while Jilin Jien Nickel Industry said that it had purchased a 14.7% stake in Canada's Victory Nickel.
August 10th,2009
Amid the Rio Spy Tension, Vale Worms its Way Deeper into China's Steel Industry
The world's three largest iron ore suppliers, Vale along with Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton, are facing a crisis of trust in China. By its widespread media advertising, Vale may (must?) be trying to take advantage by currying favor in China while Rio Tinto is embroiled in an industrial espionage scandal here.
July 31st,2009
Kicking Out Rio: China's Killer Strategy in Breaking the Iron Miners' Collusion
In the game with the three iron ore giants, China may be able to break the alliance among them if it stops purchasing iron ore from one company and continues buying from the other two, who may then come to a greater appreciation of the opportunity to do business with China.
July 21st,2009
The Self-Defeating Rio Spy Case: A Bad Bargain
All of which is a bad bargain for China, for Australia and for the rest of the world.
Rio Spy,iron ore negotiation, July 16th,2009
Iron Ore Espionage Allegations Overshadow China Deals in Australia
Analysts point to Chinese firms, especially central state-owned enterprises, who worry whether their investments in Australia's mining industry will be approved. They are afraid Australian supervisory departments may be influenced by negative public opinion when making such decisions.
Iron ore espionage,Rio Tinto,CISA July 15th,2009
Rio Tinto China Staff Arrested as Iron Ore Haggling Continues
The timing of the arrests was nothing if not suspicious. China is the only major iron ore importer which has not signed a contract for iron ore supplies. The world's business community will be watching this case great attention and concern.
July 12nd,2009
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