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Current Review:
North Korea Dragging Powers Deep Into the Nuclear Dilemma
Given the complex nature of this matter related to international system, it is hard to be optimistic to foresee a meaningful nuclear disablement of the DPRK anytime soon.
May 30th,2009
Current Review:
India Democracy Triumphs, Country on a Hopeful Trajectory
Obviously, both Washington and New Delhi might look to each other to balance China's rise, but America may have greater interest in working with China, as a military and economic power, to help stabilize the world.
May 21st,2009
Current Review:
The Strategic Ambiguity of North Korea's "Satellite" Launch
April 9th,2009
Current Review:
Can Obama Honor His Promises?
Barack Obama was elected for his promises. In terms of foreign policy, he may well soon fail to deliver on them.
November 11st,2008
Current Review:
A Historic Visit
The top envoy's visit to Taiwan is historic. Though the Beijing authority claims that his visit will focus only on economic tie between the two sides, nobody will trust that this visit doesn't bear historic political imprint.
November 4th,2008
Current Review:
How Obama Would Deal with China?
He has to understand that the short period of American unipolar dominance since the end of the Cold War is to be gone. America now has to face the co-rise of China, Russia, India and Japan, to name a few, and has to yield unilateralism to multilateral consultation with the aforementioned states at least. The age of G7 is gone, and is being replaced by America, China, Russia, Indian, Japan plus EU as a group.
October 28th,2008
Current Review:
China Expects "Business as Usual", Either Obama or McCain
Whether Americans elect Senator McCain or Senator Obama as the next president of the United States, there is likely to be less volatility in bilateral relations and fewer concerns in Beijing that there will be any major policy shift in U.S.-China policy compared to previous elections.
October 27th,2008
Current Review:
Congratulations, India!
India has just shot an unmanned moon orbiter, Chandrayaan-1, into the space. Let us send our warm congratulations to India!
October 26th,2008
Current Review:
Bush's Arms Sale to Taiwan
Even if the US has hurt China in selling weapons to Taiwan, the mainland still has a need to relieve its own assets from the disaster, even incidentally helping America. Then, the last question is: who knows investment in the US financial market at a bad time would help rather than harm China further?
October 10th,2008
Current Review:
China's Bronze Medal
The message has been sent and felt. China developed nuclear weapons to break the nuclear monopoly, for counter-deterrence purposes. China demonstrated ASAT capability to break ASAT monopoly, for space balance of power. China will eventually acquire a credible space deterrent to break space monopoly, still for peaceful purpose.
October 2nd,2008
Current Review:
The Advent of a New Cold War
When the former President – now the Prime Minister – of Russia Vladimir Putin sat in the evening of August 8 in the Bird's Nest, China's National Stadium, he was not only watching the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games, but also pondering the consequence of a new Cold War.
September 6th,2008
Current Review:
US-Indian Nuclear Deal:Moving ahead but Uncertain
Manmohan Singh's government recently survived a critical vote of confidence in the Indian parliament over its support of the US-Indian agreement on civilian nuclear cooperation. Though the win was rather marginal, by 275 votes to 256, New Delhi and Washington are now ready to consummate their nuclear pact.
August 5th,2008
Current Review: Beijing Olympic
Beijing Olympics: Never Enough Security
The Beijing Olympics will be staged in less than a month. There have been daunting security tasks to handle before the Games and there will continue to be for the duration. Media outlets have been persistently presenting the importance the government has attached to security, as well as the means the government has employed to protect the Games.
July 16th,2008
Current Review: Beijing Olympic
Beijing's Olympics Public Relations
When Beijing was awarded the host of the 2008 Olympics on July 13, 2001, the joyful Chinese didn't expect that their road to the summer of 2008 would be so bumpy. This summer game has been politicized from very beginning.
July 10th,2008
Current Review:
DPRK: Moving toward Nuclear Dismantlement
Actually the DPRK started its nuclear disablement from last year already. What truly matters is not nuclear arms control per se. In the DPRK's case, the objective is to dismantle all its nuclear wherewithal, military as well as civilian.
June 28th,2008
Current Review:
US-Israel on Iran: Military Bluff Ineffective
Military bluff is not effective at this stage. While Iran has to be careful not to push the envelope too much, the tension is still within control.
June 15th,2008
Current Review:
Breaking Iranian Nuclear Impasse
A solution to break Iran's nuclear impasse is to make it clear that Iran can go ahead with uranium enrichment for peaceful purposes, but it has to be assured as peaceful with close international monitoring, and truly strong international sanctions shall be evoked should there be a violation.
May 7th,2008
Current Review:
Pyongyang's Nuclear Gambit
It is imperative the North Korea has to do something with America in the next half year, in order to shape the contour of America's DPRK policy of even the next administration. However, the North has little to offer in this game, due to its security restrain and resources available.
May 4th,2008
Current Review:
Beijing Olympics: Opportunities for Human Rights
Those who care for Darfur need to understand that their objectives are shared by the Chinese. But it is only fair, while asking China to take on an even greater share, to recognize the responsible relations China has cultivated with Africa's nations for decades, and to take the notice that China's need of energy deserves respect.
February 27th,2008
Current Review: Taiwan
The Election also about Revamping Taiwan's Economy
The revamping of Taiwan's economy hence heavily depends upon its ability to assure a stable political environment that won't challenge the status quo. At the moment, the development of the situation in Taiwan before the election seems to bode well of the public expectation. Still, it is critical to assure a peaceful election and ordered process of power transition in the next three months.
February 20th,2008
Energy: energy shortage blizzard in China
Nuclear Energy is No Solution
When Shanghai has only three to four days of coal reserves for fuel, and fourteen provinces of China are suffering partial electricity cuts, it is time to ask what has happened.
January 27th,2008
Current Review: Bhutto's death and Pakistan's Crisis
Safeguarding Pakistan's Nuclear Arsenal
One truly respect Pakistani government and armed forces for their possible ability to control situation and restore order quickly, but the international concern over the security of Pakistan's nuclear weapons are legitimate as such worry is not totally unwarranted.
December 31st,2007
Current Review: Benazir Bhutto
The Tragedy of Pakistan
Whence goes Islamabad? No prophets in this world can foretell. On the one hand, Pakistan could grow more violently, as the assassination could motivate an action-and-reaction wave of revenge. On the other, however, as Benazir's return has catalyzed the confrontation in her country, her sad death could also discourage domestic polarizing, at least after a while.
December 29th,2007
Current Review: China-US and climate
Bali Success Illusory
The US, and China, were under siege at the conference.
December 17th,2007
Current Review: Chang'e to moon
One Small Step for China. . .
China launched its first moon-orbiting spacecraft, the Chang'e 1, named after the Chinese goddess of the moon. The launch represents another effort by China to assert itself as an emerging global power
November 30th,2007