China's Loan Growth Isn't Boosting My Confidence in China's "Green Shoots"
Posted on   2009-07-04 21:42:08
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China's Savings Problem and the Consumption Constraint
Posted on   2009-06-23 22:53:14
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Debt is up, trade is down, and we still don't know which way to list
Posted on   2009-06-18 22:28:02
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Distortions in the Chinese Lending Environment
Posted on   2009-05-17 22:33:16
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The Death of the Asian Development Model
Posted on   2009-05-05 17:37:43
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This is getting tiresome, so please let's declare the crisis over
Posted on   2009-04-20 17:20:35
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New Trade and Reserve Numbers From China
Posted on   2009-04-14 23:49:14
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Is Governor Zhou a closet Bernanke-ite?
Posted on   2009-04-12 9:46:56
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Graduating this year?
Posted on   2009-04-12 9:45:42
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The dollar must be replaced – yet again
Posted on   2009-04-12 9:42:29
Things have been so busy that I haven't been posting as much as I would like. Besides my increased writing commitments and the constant barrage of news, I would like to mention that over the past weekend we completed the second annual festival of experimental and avant garde music, featuring the best Chinese composers and performers from all over the country, and several of my regular blog readers attended – thanks for that, even though this blog is no longer available inside the Chinese firewall.   Add To My favourite

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