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CEA Could say No again
Before the end of the two-week deadline, Air China Limited (ACL), the subsidiary of China National Aviation Holding (CNAH), has delivered its investment proposal to China Eastern Airlines (CEA). CEA might still say NO to this proposal.
January 21st,2008
A Divorcing Morgan Stanley's Bigger Aim in China
Morgan Stanley, another major victim of the sub-prime crisis, will now sell its stake of one of China's leading securities company, China International Capital Corporation (CICC), for a reported estimate of USD 1.5 billion.
January 17th,2008
CEA Grilled in a Likely Long Stalemate
Ever since a week ago when the cooperation between China Eastern Airlines (CEA) and Singapore Airlines was rejected, the market has switched its attention to Air China, the so-called troublemaker. Currently, there are lots of rumors regarding what proposal will be given to CEA by Air China.
two SOEs fight getting bitterer January 14th,2008
CEA Slammed
China Eastern Airlines' (CEA) held its special shareholders' meeting on January 8 to decide whether to accept an offer by Singapore Airlines and Temasek Holdings to buy a stake in the airline and the answer was a resounding NO, with opposition from 94.04% of A share holders and 74.69% of H share holders.
fight between CEA and CNAH January 8th,2008
CEA Wings Broken?
Li Jiaxiang, chairman of Air China Limited, has been delegated as the governor of General Administration of Civil Aviation of China (GACAC), making the relationship between Singapore Airlines and China Eastern Airlines (CEA) even more uncertain.
Singapore Airlines uncertain relationship with CEA January 3rd,2008
China's Deterence on Emerging Iron Ore Monopoly
With an eye towards preventing the consolidation of global iron ore giants, China's big industry and government players are considering among various options to deter the shaping of resources monopoly.
BHP bid for Rio Tinto December 26th,2007
Stop Fighting, Start Talking
Zong Qinghou is calculating that Danone cannot afford to continue the fight.
Danone-Wahaha bitter fight December 24th,2007
Can China Continue Its Sterilization Program?
So China Investment Corporation….pick your equity investments carefully!
the limit of soverign wealth funds might December 20th,2007
What If SOEs and CIC Show Joint Muscles
It should come of little surprise then if CIC and state-owned-enterprises often cooperate in the coming year.
overseas M&A strategy December 20th,2007
Corporate China: Big Moves into Wall Street
Finally, China bites into a major American corporation. And 2008 will see Corporate China score more deals by taking advantage of a strong balance sheet supported by the buoyant domestic capital market, a fast growing economy, plenty of foreign exchange reserve, as well as the continuous Western wobble caused by the sub-prime crisis.
CIC buys into Morgan Stanley December 20th,2007
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