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SOEs, Private Firms Set Acquisition Targets Overseas
It's time for Chinese firms to go out and take stakes from real assets in American and Europe. Manufacturing is and will be China's foundation for the foreseeable future, but Chinese firms lack skills and expertise that abound in the West. But now Western firms face a sore lack of hard cash, which Chinese companies can find in abundance. It would seem to be a marriage made in heaven
November 25th,2008
InBev's AB Acquisition Passes China's Anti-Monopoly Hurdle
While Coke's acquisition of Huiyuan is plodding through anti-monopoly investigation, the Ministry of Commerce (MoC) has conditionally approved another important case. InBev's acquisition of Anheuser-Busch (AB) has become the first big deal to be approved since China issued its anti-monopoly law
November 19th,2008
Japan Looks Aggressively at Wall Street While China Still Stalls
While Alan Greenspan says that what is happening on Wall Street is a "once in a century" crisis, there are those who see the financial fracas in New York as a once in a century opportunity for international investors, read China and others from Asia, to buy in at bargain prices.
September 29th,2008
NY Meeting to Prop up Lehman Brothers: CIC a Possible Buyer?
The US Federal Reserve having already poured financial aid into JPMorgan Chase's acquisition of Bear Stearns and the U.S. Treasury having taken over titanic mortgage guarantors Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, it has become more than a daunting task for the government to bail out yet another dire-straightened bulge-bracket U.S. investment bank. And as the other major Wall Street banks are dealing with their own troubles, this time the white knights may have to be, among others, sovereign wealth funds, including a fund from China.
September 14th,2008
Coke Offers Big Premium for Huiyuan, Though Local Sentiment Against the Deal
Coca-Cola's $2.3 billion offer to purchase Huiyuan, China's leading fruit juice maker, would lead to the biggest foreign takeover in Asia. While heated discussion in the West is focusing on the high premium Coco-Cola will pay to acquire Huiyuan and its future plans in the pure fruit juice market, Chinese voices have been raised in resentment over the swallowing of a prominent domestic brand by a US colossus.
September 4th,2008
Upping Rio Tinto Stake a No-Lose Strategy for Chinalco
If BHP Billiton, the other Australian mining giant, successfully completes its proposed merger with Rio Tinto, Chinalco will profit handsomely. If the merger fails, Rio Tinto's share price will fall and Chinalco may suffer some loss, but its intention anyway has always been to drive a stake through the heart of the merger to the perceived benefit of China's steel industry.
August 26th,2008
Chinalco Hints Money No Object for Rio Buy, BHP Says No Way
BHP Billiton CEO Marius Kloppers never ceases lobbying for his company's proposed merger with Rio Tinto, and is keeping an eye on the moves of rival Chinalco, China's biggest aluminum and alumina producer and Rio Tinto's biggest shareholder, with a stake it bought at the beginning of the year. Chinalco has said it may in the future increase its shareholding in the company. Kloppers says, however, that Chinalco might face major obstacles if it seeks to acquire Rio Tinto with cash.
August 20th,2008
CDB Wants to Acquire Dresdner Bank, But Regulators Are Hesitant
After upping its stake in Barclays last month, China Development Bank (CDB) is set to make another overseas acquisition move. It has submitted a report to supervisory departments concerning the acquisition of Germany-based Dresdner Bank.
August 6th,2008
China Telecom Acquires CDMA Network, Employees from China Unicom
China Telecom has signed an agreement to acquire China Unicom's CDMA network for 43.8 billion yuan, and will also take 29.3% of China Unicom's present employees, its entire CDMA staff.
July 28th,2008
Chinese Steel Giant Joins the Race for Brazilian Iron Ore Firm
As the Brazil-based steel and iron ore producer Companhia Siderurgica Nacional (CSN) declared its intention to sell its subsidiary Nacional Minerios Sa (Namisa), many well-known steel companies, including Jiangsu Shagang Group Co. Ltd (Sha-steel), have shown an interest.
July 25th,2008
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