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Coke's Acquisition of Huiyuan, and More, in Peril
Coke's recently announced $2 billion additional investment in China may be at stake. Such regulatory niggling would also add to Coke's major frustration in China's non-carbonate beverage market. If the deal were to fail because of regulatory pressure, China would be seen as reinforcing protectionism. The US has in the past made Chinese acquisitions difficult on its home ground, and rejection of the Huiyuan deal would certainly be interpreted as a revenge move.
March 18th,2009
Chinese Carmakers Calculating the Acquisition of Volvo
A Chinese investment delegation led by the Ministry of Commerce has left on a visit to four European countries, and will focus on acquisition in the auto and machine-manufacturing industries. Geely, a carmaker, is part of this delegation, and apparently interested in getting hold of Volvo. It is one of four Chinese carmakers that have shown interest in acquiring the Swedish passenger car company, now owned by Ford, which has expressed some willingness to unload it.
March 12nd,2009
Chinalco-Rio Deal: Lack of International Experience a Major Hurdle
After Chinalco's second capital injection into Rio Tinto, it will face not only M&A review from Australian regulators but also integration problems with the Australian mining giant. Its own lack of internationally experienced talent may become the greatest challenge to the completion of the acquisition.
March 2nd,2009
Hunan Valin Expands Stake in FMG: Chinese Companies Swarm Australian Miners
While Chinalco's massive deal with Rio Tinto is still being examined by authorities, Hunan Valin Steel Co. (Valin) has bought a 16.4% stake in Fortescue Metals Group (FMG), Australia's third largest iron ore producer, and has become its second largest shareholder, gaining a seat in the FMG's board. But Chinese companies' acquisition boom in Australia worries some in China's steel industry that the Australian government may be more sensitive to Chinese capital and that the chaotic splurging in Australian miners may lead to ore surpluses in future.
February 25th,2009
Fosun Acquisition of Big Focus Media Stake Riles Sina
Fosun International has further increased its holding of Focus Media to over 25%, and, coincidentally or not, its stake in Sina to nearly 12%. The move is likely to trigger an anti-takeover plan from Sina.
February 23rd,2009
China Considers Leveraging Its For-Ex Reserve to Acquire Overseas Oil/Gas Assets
The Chinese government is considering allocating a part of its foreign exchange reserve to set up a special fund to support the overseas resource acquisition of Chinese petroleum companies. It may also launch other policies to support loan interest discounts and higher fund injection ratios from the government.
February 17th,2009
Minmetals Swallows OZ Minerals: China Firms Tapping into Aussie Companies' Cash-Shortage
Two months of negotiations and bidding have resulted in the first cash acquisition by China Minmetals Corporation (CMC) in Australia, of cash-strapped OZ Minerals. Ltd. CMC joins Chinalco as the second state-owned company making a big move in this round of acquisition.
February 17th,2009
Chinalco Eyes Assets and Board Seats in Rio Tinto Deal
As metals companies globally are cutting back their business, Chinese smelter Chinalco is hoping to expand overseas with the help of China's huge foreign exchange reserve. Its planned $19.5 billion investment (all money in USD) in Australian mega-miner Rio Tinto will be China's largest single overseas investment, and it is coming despite the huge book loss of its initial investment in Rio.
February 14th,2009
Chinalco's Xiao to Get the Rio Deal Down, Denying His "Moving Up"
At what is a crucial time in the negotiation between China smelter Chinalco and Australia's Rio Tinto over a large-scale capital injection into the strapped mining giant, both companies are reportedly about to change their top management. It has been rumored that Chinalco chairman and president Xiao Yaqing will be transferred to the State Council as vice secretary-general and will be replaced by Xiong Qingping, while Rio's Jim Leng, the company's chairman-elect, has resigned less than one month after he was named to the position.But Chinalco has publicly denied the rumor and said there is no change to its management.
February 11st,2009
Chinese Carmakers "Unlikely" to Buy GM Pieces, at the Moment
It is reported in the foreign press that Dongfeng Motor Corporation (Dongfeng), China's third largest automobile group, is planning to acquire brands of GM. Hu Xindong, Secretary to the Chairman of Dongfeng, was quoted as saying they have been contacted by financial groups which have close relationships with GM. But the Chinese automaker is highly unlikely to do so as long as any acquisition was tied to the powerful United Auto Workers trade union.
December 4th,2008
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