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Chinalco Drops the (Iron) Ball
Now, the great saga of China's effort to prevent an "conspiracy" of iron ore miners is virtually over.
June 6th,2009
Acquisition of Hummer: A Big Bubble
Tengzhoung, which was not even known in China, will pay significantly for the deal.
June 5th,2009
Tengzhong Buys American Car Icon Hummer
Despite its connection to military vehicle maker A.M. General, which supplies Humvees to the US armed forces, it does not appear likely that the sale will face opposition from the Committee for Foreign Investment in the US, which has jurisdiction over the sale of strategic US assets to foreign investors.
June 3rd,2009
Buying Into Fisher & Paykel, Haier Overseas Expansion Still Relentless
Haier said that the acquisition would help it to enter the global high-end white goods market.
May 31st,2009
BaoSteel Stymied by Provincial Government from Acquiring Ma Steel
The tax problems precipitated by mergers between central enterprises and local state-owned enterprises have resisted solution, and many merger plans in the steel industry, an industry very badly in need of consolidation, have bit the dust or just never worked out.
May 15th,2009
FMG to Leverage Valin Investment to Tap China's Credit, Capital Markets
FMG CEO Andrew Forrest revealed that FMG was planning an IPO on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, hoping to become the first overseas mining company to list on China's stock market.
May 11st,2009
Asahi Attempt to Acquire Tsingtao May Be Bitter Cup for the Japanese Company
And this time, that company is Japanese, which could trigger all sorts of nationalistic fervor in the volatile Chinese.
May 7th,2009
China Gets First Approval for Australia Acquisition
Australian Treasurer Wayne Swan refused to block Hunan Valin Steel's (Valin) taking a stake in Fortescue Metals Group (FMG), Australia's third largest iron ore company. Valin will become FMG's second largest share holder and gain a seat on FMG's board. Other deals, involving Chinalco, Minmetals, and Ansteel, have been blocked or are still in the works.
April 1st,2009
Minmetals Acquisition of OZ Blocked, but New Deal in the Works
With the Australian government's rejection last week of the acquisition of OZ Minerals, Australia's third largest mining company, by China Minmetals Nonferrous Metals Company (Minmetals), the Chinese firm has quickly submitted a new scheme.
March 31st,2009
The Death of Coke-Huiyuan Deal, A Rebirth of Protectionism
China's decision to reject the Coca-Cola's $2.4 billion bid for China Huiyuan Juice Group Ltd.may trigger a tide of protectionism not only between the country and America, but also among developing countries.
March 18th,2009
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