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Sinopec's Risk Taking Bid For Addax
The Addax acquisition is the latest in a string of major overseas purchases by Chinese companies.
June 26th,2009
Jingxi Grabs Part of Delphi, But May Not Want All of It
Jingxi acquired Delphi's global suspension and brake program on March 30 this year, and the deal was approved by the US bankruptcy court on May 21. The two sides are now preparing for the asset delivery.
June 25th,2009
Gome Manages to Find Funding Despite Down Market, Legal Troubles
Gome has raised its funds from Bain Capital. After converting all the debt into shares, Bain Capital's stake will be 23.5%, making it Gome's second largest shareholder. The largest shareholder will still be Huang Guangyu's family.
June 25th,2009
A Dying Pig Called LAOX Soars on Reports of a Suning Rescue
It may be time to consider whether the term "stock fraud" carries any meaning with Japanese securities regulators.
June 23rd,2009
Steelmakers Preparing for the Worst; Government to Examine BHP-Rio Deal
The failure of the Chinalco-Rio Tinto deal, the deadlocked negotiation on a new iron ore contract, and the collaboration between Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton all add up to a huge embarrassment for China's steel industry.
June 19th,2009
China's Global Buying Spree - Risky Business
With so many high-profile deals on the table, many in both China and the West have questioned whether China has the marketing and management talent to make these acquisitions work. China's record on this topic is mixed.
June 19th,2009
More Shots Fired in Chinalco-Rio Spat
In a surprise move, China's Ministry of Commerce announced that it has regulatory authority over the proposed iron ore joint venture between Australian miners Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton.
June 13rd,2009
PetroChina, SinoPec and CNOOC Grab Oil Assets Ahead of Recovery
In the wake of the financial crisis, state oil companies have taken a leading role in M&A market with China's national petroleum corporations assuming a dominant position.
June 12nd,2009
Minmetals Buys OZ
China's official news agency Xinhua, however, has been unrestrained in its criticism of Rio, labeling it "perfidious" and likening its actions to those of a "cheating" spouse.
June 12nd,2009
Ping An to Pick Up Shenzhen Development Bank in Move Towards Financial Group
With this deal, Ping An will gain a nationwide banking license, while SDB, long suffering a lack of sufficient capital, will be able to increase its capital adequacy ratio from 8.53% to over 10%.
June 10th,2009
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