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China's Outbound Foreign Direct Investment - The Great Leap Outward
With four months left to go in the year, the list of Chinese outbound investments is likely to grow even further, revealing more about the ambitions of the Beijing government and China's business community.
August 25th,2009
Yanzhou's Friendly Takeover of Felix
The friendliness of the transaction stands in marked contrast with the ongoing diplomatic tensions between China and Australia over four detained Rio Tinto employees.
August 17th,2009
Sinochem Continues China's Aussie Share Grab
Credit Suisse downgraded its position on Nufarm from "neutral" to "underperform," describing the bid by China's biggest fertilizer maker as "half-baked."
July 30th,2009
Attempted Restructuring Leads to Killing: Turmoil in China's Steel Industry
In a dispute over who will own and operate a Jilin Province steel maker, Chen Guojun, who had just been appointed as general manager, was beaten to death by a company employees on July 24. It is reported that he had just informed workers that the work force would be slashed from 30,000 down to 5000.
July 27th,2009
Sina-Focus Media Deal Done In by Anti-Trust Authority?
If the deal is still not approved by September, the two may work out a new agreement or even cancel the acquisition.
Focus Media,Sina,anti-trust July 15th,2009
CNPC and CNOOC Battle Over Repsol's Argentine Operations
Reports of Joint Bid Surface
July 12nd,2009
CIC on Teck: the Commodities Buying Spree Continues
Many industry-watchers have compared the Chinalco-Rio break up to China National Offshore Oil Company's unsuccessful play for Unocal in 2005, which cooled the pace of Chinese overseas acquisitions for several years. This time around, no such slowdown has occurred.
July 6th,2009
Chinalco to Maintain Its Rio Stake in Rights Offering
To maintain its present Rio stake of 9.3%, Chinalco will have to spend about $1.4136 billion for the additional offering.
July 3rd,2009
Pierre Cardin to Sell Off Chinese Business, Plenty of Eager Buyers
Although Pierre Cardin officials in Beijing refused to reveal potential buyers, it is reported that some other Zhejiang-based companies are teaming up to bid for Pierre Cardin business.
July 1st,2009
Rocky Road for Tenzhong-Hummer Deal
National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) is likely to block the merger on the grounds that Tenzhong, a manufacturer of special-purpose construction machinery and infrastructure products, lacks the expertise to run Hummer. The NDRC is also unhappy about the poor fuel economy and high environmental impact of Hummer's gas-guzzling SUVs.
June 29th,2009
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