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US Currency Hegemony Premium: Why the Federal Reserve Is a Currency Manipulator
In short, the United States is a "mega-bank" or "giant venture capital firm," earning from high-yielding assets with low-cost liabilities (raising funds). Therefore, although the scale of its external liabilities is much larger than its external assets, it still has access to huge net income.
October 20th,2009
US Dollar Depreciation May Force RMB Appreciation
It looks as though China may have to adjust its policy and increase the flexibility of RMB, with the almost inevitable appreciation of the yuan.
October 12nd,2009
Beijing Welcomes TIPS Issue for Forex Reserves Security
Issuing too many TIPS would be a frank admission by the US of future inflation. But with the whole world watching and questioning, the US is trying to prove that it can avoid inflation, maintain the dollar's dominance, and continue to lead the world.
August 10th,2009
Beijing's Fad of US Dollar Bashing
At a recent global think tank summit held in Beijing by the China Center for International Economic Exchanges, China's official think tank, voices for "international currency", and "global supervision" sounded frequently, and some scholars proposed a special global currency meeting during the Shanghai World Expo in 2010.
July 7th,2009
PBoC Repeats Call for Super-Sovereign Currency, Putting More Downward Pressure on USD
Last week, the PBoC report along with other factors drove down the dollar exchange rate to other major currencies, and it seems that China's proposal to build a new reserve currency system is reshaping the expectation of the currency traders.
July 1st,2009
BRIC, SCO Discuss "Super-Sovereignty" Currency, USD Alternatives
At the SCO meeting held just before the BRIC summit and attended by China, Russia and India, China proposed to research the feasibility of using a super-sovereignty currency among SCO member countries.
June 16th,2009
PBoC's Gold Reserve Needs a Big Boost, Suggests an Expert
China's gold reserve accounts for only 1.6% of its total forex reserve even after its recent increase, still a very low percentage.
May 21st,2009
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